Marvelous Proof

Expert software engineering.

At Marvelous Proof we have developed a number of thorough software solutions for clients large and small. We can handle all parts of the software design process from idea and functional specification to design, implementation, testing, tuning and release. We can develop custom software or help you out with yours, offering expert consulting on infrastructure issues including revision control, build processes and release engineering.

We work on solutions ranging from microkernels to web applications and almost everything in between. The bulk of our work is oriented towards Unix systems and we primarily develop in C and C++. We have low-level hardware experience with a number of common processors, including MIPS and x86 systems programming.

We can help you pick the platform that's right for you and have specific experience with common Unix-like operating systems like FreeBSD which may be useful for your application. Our hardware and protocol experience includes a number of network and storage protocols as well as device drivers and serial interfaces for custom hardware including magnetic stripe reader/writers, GPS units and GSM modems.

For more information, contact Juli Mallett. If we can't be of service, we'll almost certainly be able to refer you to someone who can.

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